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Solar water heater 360 liter/day

Technical specifications

* 360 liters per day contains 2 collectors of area 4.5 m2 and 360 liters storage tank.

360 Liters / day

1. 360 liter Hot Water Tank:

The tank is cylindrical with double Jacket.

The interior container is made of Stainless steel 316, or galvanized steel with minimum thickness of 3 mm. and the cylinder caps are made with deep drawing to withstand the high pressures, and it have been tested at 10 bars, and coated with stainless and anticorrosion coat.

The outer container is made of galvanized steel coated with electrostatic paint.

The interior tank is insolated with POLYURETHAN (density of 45 kg/m3) (7mm thickness) from all sides.

The tank is completed with a backup electric heating system for extreme operating conditions, for the non-sunny days and for high consuming rates, and it can be controlled with a thermostat sensor.


Tests showed that no temperature drop more than 3 °C for 24 hours.

Thermo siphon systems are available for sizes ranging from 180 to 750 liters/day. These systems have the advantage of minimum service requirements since it doesn't include any moving parts or controller.

2. TWO Solar collectors:

TYPE: Flat plate collector, with total collecting area of 2.25 m2.

The collector consists of parallel Risers and headers made of corrosion resistant, high thermal conductivity red cupper.

The absorption surface is coated with selective coating with high absorption coefficient and low radiation coefficient, and can withstand temperatures till 250 °C

The Back surface of the collector container is made of galvanized steel.

The collector glass cover is made of tempered, high Transitivity glass 4 mm thickness, and there is E.P.D.M rubber (rated at 150 °C) sealant between the glass and the aluminum frame to prevent water and dust from getting into the collector.

The collector frame is made of anodized aluminum and equipped for easy installation.

The collector is carried by steel structure coated by electrostatic paint.

The collector is insulated with POLYURETHAN (density of 45 kg/m3) (4 mm thickness from the bottom side and 2 mm from sides).

The collectors have been tested at 10 bars.


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